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HomeCare by ExerciseMD

Aging in Place is the ability to stay in your own home and not move into a retirement or nursing home.

The Program


We provide support workers trained by ExerciseMD to help you with non-medical care within your home.  From meal preparations, help with daily living to Exercise and mobility assistance we are here to help you.

You can receive from 1 hour per week of HomeCare to our “Peace of Mind” service, to whatever your parent needs.

Our “Peace of Mind” Service is designed to use the latest technology combined with expert Support Worker Care.  It includes:

  1. In home assessment.

  2. 8 hours of Personal Support Worker service/month.

  3. Technology to call on staff only when needed. Watch the short video here of HomeExcept our partner at

  4. Membership with to increase activity levels and reduce social isolation.

  5. Once the sensors learn the patterns within the home regular reports are provided to alert you of changes that could mean the need to investigate health concerns including bladder infections, depression, social isolation or more significant memory issues.

  6. Annual review of food and nutrition needs by a Registered Dietitian.

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