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Assessing and Treating Concussions

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Brain Health-Assessment and Treatment

Concussion Assessment: To accurately assess and diagnose a concussion you need to receive a brain image sensitive to minor traumatic brain injury. The qEEG reviewed by a neurologist and brain physiologist is the method we use at our offices combined with the information you provide in clinical interview and through our online software The assessment will also assist us in planning your treatment program.

Treatment: Once the assessment is complete we will provide you with treatment options to help you return to play. This often includes the use of eeg biofeedback and other cognitive rehabilitation training-like going to a gym for your brain to help it recover.  The final decision on return to play will be based on your review of the data you receive from us, discussion with your team or family physician and your family. Having one concussion can make you more vulnerable to another, so in all cases proper rest and rehabilitation should be the most important factor.

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