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Concussion Prevention

Get a Brain Scan Baseline

What is the Brain Scan Baseline?

The Brain Scan Baseline is the EEG collected for an athlete prior to head trauma or concussion.  Rather than do cognitive testing and from that wonder what condition the brain is in, the Scan is designed to take a REAL TIME look at Brain Functioning through the EEG . The baseline is kept and used to compare with the EEG collected after concussion.  The comparison report is prepared by a neurologist and brain physiologist.  This information will help you and your child make the decision on the risks of returning to play.

What does this cost?

The cost for the baseline collection is $150.  Cost of the re-administration after a concussion is suspected with the report from a Board Certified Neurologist is $750.00.

Will this test alone tell me when and if I should return to play?

No one test should be used to make that important decision. You will take the neurologists report as well as all other information including current symptoms and if available cognitive testing to determine if going back now is suggested.

How long does it take to get the baseline?

It takes from 20-35 minutes to collect the data.  You bring in a memory stick with the data to keep for later comparison.

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