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How Old Are You On The Inside?

This past week, Mary and I met with the CEO, Sarah Goodman, of iHeart to learn more about the technology and innovation. We met with the founder, Dr. Jess Goodman, a few weeks ago. You can learn about the iHeart by watching this video now:

We wanted to find a way to get the technology to you and motivate you to get healthy. We know that from 80%-90% of us who join a health club drop out after 3 months or so. You have good intentions, but quickly are overcome by work and other commitments that sap your time. Motivation is a big problem. To help change that, here is what we are prepared to do for you:

  1. If you sign up for 12 months of ExerciseMD, our regular or premium service, we will purchase for you a free iHeart ($225 value).

  1. All you need to do is go here and choose the regular 12 month or premium 12 month service.

  1. When you get to the payment page, enter the code (all lower case) “freeiheart.”

  1. When you finish the registration process, make sure you send Mary your shipping address for your free iHeart: (we don’t have that set up yet on the web page).

  1. We will ship your free iHeart the next day.

  1. You will be motivated by taking your internal age regularly. I will be writing your Prescriptive Exercise program, and with your coach, monitor your progress.

  1. You will quickly be able to see your progress with iHeart as you stay committed to your healthy new life style.

  1. With your exercise regime delivered via email, you will receive regular updated videos from Dr. Goodman, the developer of iHeart, on how to stay healthy and improve your internal age.

  1. Twice a month, your personal coach will provide you with feedback and encouragement to keep going.

We have a limited number of free iHeart units to provide to you, and so we are offering this to you, my dedicated readers, even before we invite the general public.Please take advantage of this offer and commit to 12 months of ExerciseMD today.With iHeart, it will truly change your life.

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