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Web Distracted?

We are hearing more and more research that points to a decrease in productivity within the workplace in North America. When you review the results of a recent survey by Office Time, it becomes clear that the internet may be partially responsible. Here are some startling statistics from that study when workers were questioned.

1. 27% say they spend one to two hours a day at work browsing the web; 2. More than 30% spend one to two hours per day answering and reading email; 3. 19% spend one to two hours a day putting things off or procrastinating; 4. 16% spend one to two hours a day talking to co-workers about non work related issues; 5. 11% spend one to two hours a day social networking on twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

Surprised? Where do you fit in? Here are some strategies that may help. These strategies are adapted from our tool box designed to help professionals with ADHD thrive in their professional environments.

1. Establish structure. Set rules for responding to emails and text messages. What are the expectations of the time lapse for your response? Flag emails as green (respond immediately), yellow (respond within 3-4 hours) or red (respond within 24 hours). Also immediately “Junk” those that require no action or need to be read.

2. Base productivity on output. Use the Box Strategy we discuss at Even if you don’t have ADHD you can benefit from taking very specific times to hone in on and laser focus to specific tasks. In 15 minutes, with pure focus you can be extremely productive. Then take 5 minutes to re-tool and recharge, then again a 15 minute laser focus productivity session.

3. Work your brand. Arrive early, leave late. Produce incredible amounts of quality work. Be true to what you believe. As an entrepreneur or leader it’s about doing as you want others to do around you.

4. Establish strong boundaries. Sure we all want to socialize to some extent, but work is about being at work and doing the job. If you telecommute, this can also be a challenge. Establish clear times to complete assigned tasks. Tell others that you expect them to respect your work boundaries.

5. Don’t steal. At work when you are not working, but being paid to work, you are stealing. Everything you do at work should be focused on that endeavour. Yes, you will need to take time to recharge-working out or a quick walk to recharge your batteries. But, it is about producing incredible work that you are proud to share with your clients or supervisors.

6. Keep meetings to 30 minutes or less. Make those meetings productive, concise. Calculate the cost of each employee time in salary dollars to be at that meeting. Five staff members each making $40 an hour means a two hour meeting would cost $400. Is that a bargain for your employer or your company?

Many adult ADHD strategies can be adapted to improve productivity in the workplace. We are working to establish more training on this very important issue. We will keep you posted. For now get started.

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