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Covid-19 Anxiety Strategies

If you are self-isolating as we have been directed to do by our governments to try to stop this virus, you likely are experiencing some anxiety about it. Anxiety often happens because of uncertainty and the belief of “impending doom”. It is a natural instinct to sense danger or trouble around the corner. It helps our mind and bodies to get ready to fight or run from the danger. So if you are anxious over the Covid-19 situation today the first step is to tell yourself that the anxiety is a normal reaction to this present situation. Your anxiety is actually normal as your mind and body work to protect you.

But outside of staying at home there is nothing you can do. There is no one to fight, no place to run. These facts add to your anxiety.

So try to gain some perspective. This is actually an effective strategy. Within weeks or months this will no longer be a crisis or emergency. Think through this explanation to yourself. We have lived through many different disasters and economic failures. We survive. In South Korea the facts indicate that of 200,000 people tested for the virus 96% did not have it. They had the common cold or other ailment. By self-isolating within your home you ARE taking action. You are reducing the likelihood that you or your family will be infected.

Two or three or four months from now our economies will recover. When the all clear is announced, or when a vaccine or effective treatment is proclaimed get out of the way for this economy to take off. Pent up demand will hit the same way a stacked grocery store shelf of toilet paper is sold out today. This is a health issue that has some very smart people working on a solution. They will find it.

Focus on what you can do not what the government will do for you. This is an amazing opportunity to create countless quality time and unconditional love sessions with your children and family members. I discuss this at length in the launch episode of the Parenting with Confidence podcast.

You can find it here,825/

Finally with crisis comes opportunity. It’s a time where you must, you have to, take time away from work. You may be working from home, but this required time with your family is an incredible life changing benefit. You have the time to consider many things, time to think, to process and relax. Taking this time at home, mandated by this virus, seen as an opportunity for self-development will help reduce the uncertainty and anxiety.

Remember Anxiety that you may now be feeling because of this virus has two very common causes. Being unsure of what is happening with lack of control over those, will make any healthy person feel anxious. Take charge today, enjoy this ride at home. You will never forget it and with the right steps, I’m betting your children won’t either. They will cherish the memories of your undivided attention and unconditional love for ever. All thanks to Covid-19.

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