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ADHD Relationships

Having ADHD can mean that often your relationships are off-and on. If the ADHD symptoms are not managed properly, those around you may think you have lost interest in them and as a result you find yourself out in the cold. Inattention to a conversation, because you are at a 9 on our focus scale (10 is totally unable to focus) is often interpreted by others as you being not interested or rude to them. Here are some strategies to help.

1. Before entering a social situation become aware of your focus level. Using our charting process, 5 or less is often believed to be the levels of focus you need to be attentive to others (lower number more focus).

2. While you will be able to likely remember what others are saying and reacting to them, even at a level 9, while looking away for other stimulation, this is interpreted negatively by others.

3. Communicate your focus difficulty with someone if they want a conversation, but you will not be able to engage. Simply tell them “I’m a 7, so can we do this in about an hour?”

4. Be careful that you don’t escalate a conversation into an argument just to stimulate your brain. This is a temptation you should avoid at all costs.

5. Set a rule that you will need to maintain eye contact with the person talking as a reminder to yourself to at least “appear” focused, even if you are having a hard time. In some situations you can’t postpone the meeting, so you will need to give off positive complimentary body language.

6. Schedule meetings after your cardio workout.

7. Know what you want to accomplish with the social contact or meeting. Focus on achieving that outcome.

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