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Leaving Tasks to the Last Minute - ADHD?

You have deadlines to complete tasks at work, personal ones and even those of what to buy for someone as we approach the holidays. Leaving tasks to the last minute can cause an increase in stress and anxiety. But last minute pressure can also do something to your brain that then makes you complete the boring task or work just in the nick of time. Here are some ideas:

  1. A certain type of ADHD that is identified with an evaluation that includes the qEEG is central slowing. That part of the brain is under aroused, and means that you have a hard time getting interested in starting a task. As the deadline approaches, thoughts of the punishment for not completing it, or the benefit of doing it, excite that part of the brain, and you are then able to complete the task just in time.

  2. Starting the task often may mean that you don’t finish it on time. Another type of ADHD makes it more difficult to complete tasks that require sustained attention. If you have central slowing and this type it can be doubly difficult to finish things and keep your promises.

  3. Prescriptive Exercise has been proven to assist with central slowing and other types of ADHD. Studies at Michigan State University have shown that after exercise children diagnosed with ADHD are just like the “normal” children for up to 3 hours. A short 20 minute run done the right way is often all that is needed.

  4. Creating structure with predictable tasks is another solution. As I talk about in my Parenting Book (check out the reviews here: ), you need to establish routines with rewards and logical consequences for your child. Doing their best at school means that they have a schedule and begin tasks long before they are due.

  5. If you or your child complete tasks effectively, even though you may start them the night before, it’s often a sign of Complex or Gifted-ADHD. The incredible ability that you have may make it possible to do this. Just imagine what result you could have if you had tools in place to start well ahead of time?

Leaving things to the last minute isn’t something only unique to those of us with ADHD. What is different is the under-performance that often comes with this symptom of not planning ahead. Take deliberate steps to change this today.

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