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If You Read One Article About Weight Loss, Read This One

Dieting and weight loss is a common thought this time of the year, so let me continue from last week's blog.

You only need to do two things over time to get healthy and lose weight so here they are:

  1. Exercise for purpose. Here is a free way to get started. If you go to and use the code word "drsvecblog" and you will get your first month free. I will write your prescriptive exercise program, and then one of our coaches will help you. If you want to stop after 1 month, tell us and there are no costs. If you have a horrible history of following through with any exercise program, do this. Check the premium option and enter the code "drsvecblog2" and you will get 50% off of the first monthly fee of $50. If you do your workouts that month, you will earn $25, because you get paid each time you work out. You can also quit at any time without cost or penalty after the thirty days. So you have nothing to lose regardless of the option you choose.

This will give you purpose, because when you don't exercise, your coach will know and ask you about it. If you choose the premium option, you will lose about $1.20 if you miss the workout or earn $1.20 for doing it. This will excite your brain somewhat, and you will feel like you HAVE TO EXERCISE. Choose option 2 if you’ve never exercised consistently for 12 months in your life.

  1. Twice a year, take the Click-Eat challenge. I will be announcing within a few weeks that our new app is complete and available. It allows you to take pictures of everything you eat or drink during a 24 hour period. The app then sends those pictures to a registered dietician who will send you a report on the findings. The recommendations are gentle reminders. You will do this every 6 months. You are an adult. You will learn and understand what you are eating to then make the choice to alter this eating behaviour. Slow and low, but effective. It's all you need to do on the food side. No diets, no denying food, no paying for "points," no more yo-yo weight loss or gain. You aren't 2 years old anymore. You will decide to eat healthy over time with twice a year feedback from your dietician. It’s all you need to do.

So to summarize, you will exercise for purpose and be mindful of what you are eating. The exercise program I design for you will take 30 minutes each workout day. The Click-Eat challenge for your nutrition awareness, a few seconds 2 days per year. That's it. Get started today by going to You have nothing to lose but that extra weight.

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