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Toronto School Bans Cell Phones

In October of 2015, I wrote the emotional blog that I have repeated below, outlining why I thought schools needed to ban cell phones, but never would. Today the tide seems to be turning. The principal of a Toronto School has decided to ban cell phones effective today,, and congratulations for demonstrating this leadership. Will parents support this move? Would you? As always your comments are appreciated:

NO Cell Phones in School

2015-10-08 15:08:24

I find it hard to even have to address this. Educators and many parents are losing their minds. I understand that most teachers are REQUIRED to allow students to have cell phones at school, and in many cases, must allow them to use them during class. Teachers tell me that students will use them while they should be paying attention to the class, and even during exams, texting answers to each other.

Students should not be allowed to bring cell phones to school. Elementary and secondary schools need to establish this rule immediately. If you are caught with one, you lose the phone, and parents must pay a $50 fine. Second offence, you lose the phone and a $200 fine. Third offence, you lose the phone and a $1,000 fine.

There are so many common sense reasons to make this mandatory, I’m not going to discuss this. Psychological reasons are many, so no explanation necessary. If you think it’s not possible - we have been able to ban the lowly peanut butter sandwich from all schools due to allergies. We can ban the cell phone. It could happen today.

The problem is lack of leadership and courage. This will never happen because most principals and parents won’t stand up and establish rules and discipline. On this issue, they are cowards.

Parents, it’s time to set an example. If your teen has a job and is paying the bill, you may want to consider allowing them to have a phone, but not at school. Demand that your child’s school ban them today.

No exceptions, no exemptions. A word rarely spoken today……NO.

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