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How Old Are You - On The Inside?

A few blogs ago I talked about the Iheart technology that uses a number of physical measures to calculate your “internal age.” Here is the short video clip that explains it:

I purchased my version, put it through the paces and very quickly learned my physiological age. I’m 60 years of age, but only 44 on the inside. I’m thinking it’s because of my Prescriptive Exercise with and my Click-Eat inspired diet. Genetics likely also may play an important part.

If you need a motivator to get healthier, I would strongly recommend this technology. It is accurate and very revealing. The good news is that your internal age can be improved by changing your diet, exercise and levels of stress.

Here’s how you use it.

In the morning, before you do anything, sit for 2 minutes and relax. Make sure your hands are warm, and then with the app, take a 30-second reading. Wait a minute or so, and then take another. That is pretty much it.

The app keeps a record of all your readings so you can see them over time and see the changes once you start changing your lifestyle. Within weeks of doing that, your body will start to respond. Interestingly enough, if you stop exercising and eat fast food every day, your internal age will start moving up and beyond your real age. Our bodies quickly respond to our diet, exercise and stressful environments.

Although not a medical device, the research behind the development of this device is solid. This past week, Mary and I visited with Dr. Goodman, the CEO and developer of the technology. Dr. Goodman, although a physician, is very much a believer in the different lifestyle adjustments necessary for a long and healthy life. He is an inspiring health care provider who has been working on this technology for over 20 years. You can learn more about Dr. Goodman’s story here:

If you took an Iheart measurement and found out you were 10 years older on the inside than outside, would that motivate you to make some changes? I’m thinking it would. Find out your internal age today, and pat yourself on the back or get started on a road to a healthier life. Your health and the quality of your life is truly in your hands with this new technology. Take advantage of it today.

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