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Can You Spare 5 Minutes a Week to Fight Depression or Anxiety?

If you or a loved one are fighting depression it’s very hard to get motivated to take action. With that in mind, it’s even more difficult to consider exercise as a treatment because of all of the work you think you need to do and the energy to make it happen. You know it works (here is a summary of Scientific Articles proving it if you still doubt it) but it’s been hard for you to start and to maintain an exercise program over your life time. But what if you only need 5 minutes a week? What if all it takes to use this amazing tool to feel healthy again is 5 minutes PER WEEK?

I hate exercise probably more than you do and many years ago I couldn’t use exercise as a tool either. I kept thinking of those grade 5 gym classes when I couldn’t do a lap around the track without stopping for air. If you think I’m now one of those marathon weirdos read my story here.

Here’s how it works. If you were to say yes to 5 minutes of purposeful exercise per week it’s time for a celebration. That decision and subsequent action at ExerciseMD is what I need to hear to know you will be successful. Next we set aside the day and time for you to do the exercise. We make sure it’s safe and fits with a level that you are comfortable with. On the day and appointed time you then do the PURPOSEFUL exercise. This means you aren’t tracking usual walks around the house or to get the mail or to walk from your car to the mall. You are doing a 5 minute workout for brain health. You may still be walking to the store or the mall or to your car, but you are Purposefully doing 5 minutes extra to complete your Exercise Prescription for that day.

Once you do the 5 minutes successfully each week you might ask for more (maybe 10 minutes once a week, or whatever you are wanting to do). The only rule is that it must be PURPOSEFUL exercise for your brain health, time set aside to on purpose workout as Prescribed. Once you achieve your goal of successfully using Prescriptive Exercise for Brain Health 5 minutes per week you would have broken through previous learned behaviours to a new pattern of health. Over weeks, months or even years with coaching you will continue to achieve success in using Prescriptive Exercise to fight depression and anxiety.

So get started right now. Find the day of the week when you will do 5 minutes of PURPOSEFUL Exercise. Go to ExerciseMD here, sign up and get your first 30 days of ExerciseMD coaching for just $19.

You will be successful this time. I guarantee it.

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