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Monday Morning Leadership Parenting Tip

With the Holiday’s rapidly approaching and today being “cyber Monday” likely your child is asking for things or making a wish list of potential gifts. The most important skill to develop to parent with Leadership is the ability to say “no” to your child. It builds desire, character and realistic expectations as part of your child’s character. Here are some tips to help you during these challenging times.

  1. Talk to your child about the need to give back. Don’t just take some of the money you would have spent on their gifts and route those to charities, suggest that they take 30% of their allowance and do the same. THEY need to understand what it feels like to give their money to charity.

  2. Set limits. $50 as a maximum amount to spend Is realistic. (it’s what we do in our house)

  3. Ask your child to write the list of things they received 2 years ago. Do they remember? Likely they will not, which should help you see why spending a great deal during this time of year doesn’t matter.

  4. What do you yourself remember most about the holidays? Was it some present you received or an experience you had with family?

  5. Don’t get sucked in to the hype. Don’t shop today don’t go for deals or sales. Wait until the last minute with your $50 in hand and savor the hunt for that special gift. Vintage clothes, albums from the past, books, (ok you know for older children you should buy my latest book “Shrink Money Advice” available in audio right now )

In the end, a few months from now your young children won’t remember or care much for what you have spent on them this year and your older children now adults will hopefully just remember the experience of being together and that one most important thing. LOVE

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